Why grow your own food?

For us, it is about connection. A connection with OUR EARTH, Our food, our family.

Our mission is to restore that connection for the world. To give everyone in any setting the ability to grow their own food and create their own connections. 


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  Connect with your food

Walking into the garden and connecting with your plants is like nothing else. Instant stress relief. The smell of the herbs. The texture of the greens. Hunting around a squash to find new treasures. 

Plucking just what you need from the basil plant and harvesting the perfect zucchini for dinner is an experience not replicated elsewhere. 

connect with your earth

When was the last time you got your fingers down into the soil and let it trickle through your fingers?

Gardeners don't just grow plants, we grow soil. We take active stewardship of our native soil so that it improves.  

We active work to make the Earth a better place for organisms small and large.

connect with your family

Preparing food for our friends and family with vegetables and herbs that we've grown is an experience for everyone. 

It is a conversation. When you taste the difference in homegrown real food it starts to open our eyes to what it is we buy from factory farms at the grocery store. 

How can helloSprout help?


We've helped a lot of people grow vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, flowers, even lawns. The biggest cause of failure across the board is planting the wrong plant in the wrong place. 

Failure #1: Wrong plant, wrong place.

But how do you know what to plant where? There are 4,000 different tomatoes alone. At helloSprout our experts pick the best seeds for your garden. 

Solution #1: Our experts have your back.



Organized and Protected


One way of starting a garden is to go down to the hardware store and buy little paper envelops of seeds. Paper envelopes have been used for decades because they are cheap. The problem is they do nothing to protect your seeds.

Failure #2: damaged or inferior seeds

The primary cause of damage to seeds is moisture exchange with the air around it. This not only means more seeds won't sprout at all, but a damaged seed that does sprout won't grow nearly as strong as a healthy seed will produce.  

solution #2: seed jars

All of our seed kits include 1 oz twist top jars that keep your seeds perfectly protected. It has the added benefit of keeping you very well organized at home and in the garden. 

Every seed in every kit is certified USDA Organic and grown on Project NON-GMO Verified farms. 


After a long winter most of us are anxious to get out into the soil, especially if we have new seeds to plant! Every plant has its own temperature requirements. Some don't mind a little chill, others are total sun bathers and can be permanently damaged by cool nights. 

Failure #3: Planting at the wrong time.

Our experts have your back again! Each seed kit includes a small booklet we call a Garden Guide. Every seed in your kit has a full page of info. It includes the full planting calendar (customized to your garden of course) telling you the earliest you can plant and the latest you can plant. The booklet includes instructions on how to plant, care for, harvest, and even how to preserve your harvest. 

solution #3: Your customized garden guide

All gardening, no guessing


Each helloGarden includes 15 expertly chosen seed varieties that span the entire growing season and includes enough seeds to fill two 8x4 raised beds for the full growing year. 

Each helloGarden includes: 

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The freshest herbs possible


Picking fresh herbs just when you need them is one of the great joys of the home garden. There is no substitute or equal. The essential oils of a freshly cut herb are amazingly fragrant and flavorful. 

Each helloHerb includes: 

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Perfect for containers or small gardens


Not everyone has the luxury of a big backyard garden. Your small space can create big harvests with the right varieties. We've chosen the perfect mix of vegetables and herbs to maximize small spaces. 

Each helloGarden Mini includes:

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